Improving Your Car's Performance

Improving Your Car's Performance

3 Safety Tips For Driving When It's Windy

by George Mason

If you live in a windy climate, or if you find yourself driving during a bad storm, you might be concerned about driving during periods of high winds. After all, windy conditions can make your vehicle difficult to maneuver and can be quite dangerous. Avoiding the roads during periods of high winds is smart, but obviously, this is not always possible. Luckily, following these driving tips can help you stay safe when it's windy.

1. Slow Down

Just as you would during any less-than-ideal driving conditions, it is smart to slow down when you are driving during windy periods. Your vehicle can be more difficult to steer and control when it's windy anyway, and adding higher rates of speed to this can make it even worse. Reducing speed can help make your vehicle easier to control.

2. Give Yourself Some Space

Whenever possible, make sure that you give yourself as much space as possible in regards to other drivers. Driving side-by-side in a lane beside another driver can be dangerous, for example, since the wind can cause one or both vehicles to "drift" into the lane beside it. Additionally, semi-trucks or other vehicles that are pulling trailers can pose a safety hazard if you are too close to them, since the wind can cause their trailers to sway. Trying to drive in an area where you are not surrounded by traffic can help prevent these types of incidents.

3. Watch Out for Debris

Obviously, during periods of high winds, you have to worry about debris falling, such as tree limbs. You also have to worry about visibility issues, since the wind can cause dust and dirt to fly up, making it more difficult for both you and other drivers to see. Make sure that you are aware, alert and on the lookout for any debris that you may have to worry about due to a wind storm. You do not want to come upon a tree limb unexpectedly, for example, especially when it can be more difficult than usual to steer your vehicle around the debris when it's windy.

As you can see, driving when it is windy can be challenging, but it does not have to be as dangerous as you think, as long as you follow a few safety tips. Following these tips can help you prevent dangerous and expensive accidents and can help keep you and others safe. If you're involved in an accident due to high winds, contact a collision repair expert to help repair the damage to your vehicle.


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