Improving Your Car's Performance

Improving Your Car's Performance

How Labor Is Broken Down For Collision Work

by George Mason

When your vehicle has been in an accident, and the body of your vehicle was damaged, your vehicle will need to have collision work done on it. When you take it to an auto body shop, they will provide you with a detailed quote that explains the work that needs to be done to your vehicle to get it back into the shape that it was in before the collision. The labor hours that you are charged will be based on the specific type of labor that your vehicle needs. Here are the three most common types of labor charges that you will most likely see on your quote.

Body Labor

The most common and probably largest charge you will see on your quote is for body labor. Generally, the vast majority of the number of labor hours after a collision will be dedicated to working on the body of your vehicle.

Body work includes things such as taking the existing panels off of your vehicle that were damaged in the collision, such as the door frame, the molding, or a quarter panel. It also includes smaller detailed work such as removing a door handle or taking off a tail light in order to access a larger body panel on your vehicle.

Body labor also includes repair work. If a body panel on your vehicle was damaged, the body technicians will work to smooth out the damage, generally through welding work. Finally, the body labor will include putting everything on your vehicle back together.

Paint Labor

The next biggest section of labor on your collision quote will be for paint labor. Generally, when panels have to be removed and fixed on your vehicle, the paint is sanded off to allow the body technicians the access they need to weld and reshape the panel. The paint on the panel is generally removed or damaged through the repair process, and the metal may be exposed and bare.

The paint labor will include all the hours it will take to repaint your vehicle, including priming, applying the paint, blending the paint, and applying a clear coat to your vehicle.

Frame Labor

Generally, frame labor will contain the smallest amount of labor hours on your bill. Frame labor is often a little more expensive than body labor. This is where the technicians will use specialized tools to ensure that the entire frame of your vehicle, from the underside to the top, is balance and aligned correctly. The frame work will ensure that your vehicle drives smoothly when it is put on the road.

If you have any questions about the labor costs on your quote, be sure to discuss them with the collision shop before any work is done on your vehicle.


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