Improving Your Car's Performance

Improving Your Car's Performance

6 Absolute Necessities to Keep in Your Trunk When Traveling Through the Desert

by George Mason

With mile after mile of roadway, little opportunity for short driving breaks, and extreme temperatures, a trip through the desert can definitely be taxing to your vehicle. Whether you are planning a vacation which will lead you through the desert or a trip to the desert itself, it is an absolute must that you prepare for the worst-case scenarios you can run into as a motorist. Here are five necessities it is a good idea to tuck away in your vehicle before taking a trip that involves traveling through the desert.

Distilled Water - Water will be an important commodity in the event your car starts to overheat after you have been traveling for a long period through the desert. Plus, if you happen to get stranded, you can stay hydrated while you wait for help, which could potentially be miles and hours away.

Antifreeze - Temperatures in some parts of the desert can drop below freezing once the sun goes down, especially in the winter. If you don't have antifreeze on hand, and instead your coolant tank is filled with water, you could create problems with your engine. Draining the water to add antifreeze is a simple process if the occasion arises and is definitely a smart move if the temperatures start to drop in the middle of your excursion.

Tire-Plugging Kit - You don't want to run into a damaged tire without a way to quickly plug the hole. Damaged tires on desert roadways are a real possibility.

Gallon of Gas - Invest in a good gasoline container that will not leak, and store it in your trunk before you head out. If you underestimate your mileage, one gallon of gas could get you a lot closer to the next fueling station. Plus, you never know when you could run into an unlucky driver who has no fuel themselves.

Quart of Oil - It is always a good idea to have an extra quart of oil on hand anyway, but on a trip which will lead you through mile after mile of deserted land, having a quart of oil on hand if you spot a leak could nurture your ailing motor until you get somewhere else.

Spare Tire - Before you head out on your trip, make sure you have a spare tire, but also make sure your tire is still aired up and ready to go in the event of an emergency. Also, make sure you have a jack and tire tool for actually changing the tire.

Towing Contacts. - If you still run into an emergency despite following these tips, you may need towing services. Visit sites like before you leave and record the numbers of towing services located along your route so that you can be sure to have help on the way quickly. 


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Improving Your Car's Performance

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